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3 myths about workers’ compensation

Many workers who are injured or contracted an illness as a direct result of their job are eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp could allow employees to receive medical benefits and lost wages, and, in some cases, pay survivors after an untimely death from work-related damages. Despite hundreds of thousands of workplace injuries, only a fraction of injured workers files for workers’ compensation. 

Why do so many people fail to file for workers’ comp even with all the benefits they could receive? Frequently, people don’t file for workers’ comp because of common misconceptions. Here’s what people believe:

Myth #1: You should’ve known how to prevent the injury.

Truth: While your job may have some safety tips and regulations, many catastrophic accidents can’t be prevented even with the utmost care. There are many unpredictable factors that can lead up to an injury at work.

You can’t always predict what your co-workers do around you that may put your life in danger. You also can’t always predict if equipment will suddenly break down. 

Myth #2: You can’t claim an injury if it was your fault.

Truth: Workers’ comp is a no-fault system. In other words, it doesn’t matter who caused the injuries, if it was the injured worker, negligent employer or new co-worker, injured employees are still entitled to workers’ comp benefits.

Myth #3: You don’t need legal help for your workers’ comp claim.

Truth: Workers’ comp isn’t guaranteed, especially if an employer isn’t cooperative or caring about their workers. Knowing your legal rights could increase the likelihood of receiving benefits and a successful outcome to your claim.


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