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Do you face the risk of eye damage at work?

Welders have an interesting, unusual but also potentially dangerous job. If welders lack the right protective equipment, they could suffer serious injuries.

This is the case with corneal flash burns, which occur when the cornea ends up exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

What are corneal burns?

WebMD takes a look at corneal flash burns, which is a potential injury that some workers face. Flash burn injuries can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours for symptoms to begin showing after the initial radiation exposure. Pain of any degree could potentially indicate a burn, even if it feels mild.

Blured vision, sensitivity to light and bloodshot or red eyes could also indicate the presence of a corneal burn. Some people may also experience a sensation of foreign matter in the eye, such as an eyelash or sand grit, but nothing is actually present.

Those wearing contact lenses should remove them immediately upon feeling any pain. Eye drops can be used to temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms.

Seeking medical attention

All potential corneal burn victims should seek medical attention, either by going to an eye doctor or the emergency room for more severe burns. The doctor will be able to give a diagnosis of whether or not a corneal flash burn has taken place based on the physical state of the eye, as well as your history with ultraviolet light exposure.

You must keep on top of doctor visits to ensure the cornea is healing normally, and will typically get eyedrops for inflammation, infection and pain reduction to help the way.


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