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Drivers beware: Groundhog predicts more wintry weather

Tulsa drivers weary of the wintry driving conditions should brace themselves for more. At least, those who believe in the power of a large rodent to predict when winter weather will end. Weather prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow earlier this week, calling for six more weeks of frosty weather conditions.

That’s not good news for the scores of drivers who suffered injuries and damages in last month’s barrage of collisions due to the ice- and snow-covered roads in the Tulsa region.

Highway crashes spark warnings from law enforcement

In late January, troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) reported as many as 25 accidents in the span of only 20 minutes – including two on the 1-44 ramp bound for the Broken Arrow Expressway. 

According to the OHP trooper who responded to those wrecks, those and other recent weather-related crashes occurred because of drivers who were “[s]peed[ing] and following too closely.”

He wanted to continue spreading the message that motorists need to slow down in inclement weather and stay home if it’s not necessary to be out on the roads.

How winter driving can be deadly

Drivers cannot drive at the same speeds on ice and snow as they do on dry highways, and as the trooper stated, “Folks are just driving way too fast.”

When drivers refuse to reduce speed to match their present weather conditions, their negligence can lead to highway deaths and injuries. The consequences of highway collisions can be life-altering and permanent. That is in addition to the mountain of medical bills related to the accident. Ambulance, emergency room treatment, hospital bills, costs associated with physical and occupational therapies, medical equipment and medications can run to six figures or even higher in bad wrecks.

If you were injured in an auto accident, there is a path to civil justice if you hold negligent drivers liable for the damage they cause.


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