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What if someone without insurance causes a major wreck?

Plenty of drivers in Oklahoma make bad choices that lead to crashes. They tell themselves they’re safe to drive home even though they’ve had a pitcher of beer after work. They believe that they can read and respond to a text message without putting themselves or anyone else at risk of a crash.

These motorists end up liable for property damage expenses and injuries that they cause others because of their poor choices. Usually, their insurance will cover at least some of the costs generated in a crash that is clearly the fault of a particular policyholder. Unfortunately, one of the many illegal choices motorists in Oklahoma make is the decision to let a policy lapse because they don’t make a payment.

Uninsured motorists are everywhere

Unfortunately, the possibility of someone encountering a driver without insurance is higher than they likely realize. According to insurance industry data from 2019, roughly 13.4% of Oklahoma drivers don’t have insurance.

Typically, when the person to blame for a wreck does not have liability insurance, the parties affected only have one option to hold that person accountable. They can pursue a civil lawsuit to seek compensation from the person who caused the crash. Although the process can be a lengthy one, people can potentially hold an uninsured driver responsible for any expenses that the appropriate insurance policy would have covered.

People can also protect themselves ahead of time

Drivers don’t have to worry that they might end up hospitalized after a crash caused by someone without insurance and then have no way to pay their bills. They always have the option of adding more coverage to their own policies to protect them against scenarios caused by other people’s bad choices. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage are both smart additions to a liability policy because they protect Oklahoma motorists from the bad choices of others.

Identifying and protecting against known traffic safety issues, like uninsured drivers, can help to protect individuals from the worst consequences of a motor vehicle collision. Seeking legal guidance in the wake of a crash is also often very helpful.


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