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Why does the construction industry have so many fatal accidents?

When experts study the most dangerous occupations in the United States, they often list the construction industry at the very top. This is because it tends to have the most fatal accidents year in and year out. Workers face an exceptionally high level of risk. 


Why are there so many fatalities in construction? There are two main factors to consider. It’s important for workers to know about these risks in advance so that they can take steps to avoid them.

The fatal four

First and foremost, there are just a lot of highly dangerous situations for construction workers. The top reasons for fatal accidents are often referred to as the Fatal Four. In order of severity, they are:

  1. Falls 
  2. Being struck by objects 
  3. Being stuck between objects, such as machines or vehicles 
  4. Electrocutions

Construction workers often have to work at heights or use heavy machinery. They are just going to face more inherent risks than someone who works at the front desk of a business or sits at their desk all day – not that any occupation is without risk.

The size of the industry

But another thing to consider is just the size of the construction industry. This is actually why it has such a high number of fatal accidents every year. Other industries, such as agriculture or fishing, have a higher fatal accident rate. But they are much smaller industries, so they are not going to see the same level of fatalities.

Of course, fatal accidents can happen in almost any occupation. Family members of those who have passed away need to know about all of their legal options.


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