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Mistakes to avoid when you get injured at a construction site

Construction sites are inherently risky environments. Despite safety precautions, accidents can happen. If you’re unfortunate enough to be injured on the job, taking the right steps to help protect your health and well-being is crucial.

However, in the shock and confusion following an injury, some workers make mistakes that can jeopardize their rights and recovery. Familiarizing yourself with these common mistakes can help to ensure that you avoid them, if/when you’re ever hurt on the job.

Not reporting the injury immediately

The first mistake some workers make is failing to report the injury promptly. This might be due to fear of getting fired, hoping the pain subsides or simply not understanding the importance of reporting. However, immediately reporting the injury establishes a clear record of the incident and its cause.

This is crucial for securing workers’ compensation benefits and potentially pursuing legal action if necessary. Most workplaces have a designated protocol for reporting injuries. Follow these procedures to the letter, and document the date and time you reported the incident.

Not seeking medical attention

Another critical step often overlooked is seeking immediate medical attention. Even if the pain seems minor, getting a doctor’s evaluation is essential. Untreated injuries can worsen, leading to long-term complications. Additionally, a medical report creates a documented record of the injury and its severity, potentially strengthening your workers’ compensation claim.

Not following doctor’s orders

Once you’ve seen a doctor, following their treatment plan diligently is vital. This might include attending physical therapy appointments, taking prescribed medication and adhering to activity restrictions. Not only does this prioritize your recovery, but it also demonstrates to the workers’ compensation provider that you’re actively participating in getting better. Failure to follow doctor’s orders can be used to deny or reduce benefits.

Getting injured on a construction site is a stressful experience. By avoiding these common mistakes and seeking reliable legal guidance, you can help to ensure a smoother recovery process and protect your rights at the same time.


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