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Common injuries hospital workers may face

People who work in a hospital all have job duties that work together to enable the medical team to provide care for patients. While it’s easy to assume that a hospital is a safe place to work, there are actually very serious hazards that these hard workers face daily.

Understanding some of the more common hazards that are present in hospitals is critical so they can be addressed and mitigated. This helps to keep the workers safe so they can continue to provide patient care.

Slips, trips and falls

Floors in hospitals should be kept as clean as possible. Anything on the floor can lead to someone slipping or tripping and then falling. This can lead to a variety of injuries, including those involving the spine or brain. Broken bones, pulled muscles and sprains can also occur.

Needle pricks and sharps sticks

Needle pricks and sharps sticks can lead to the worker being exposed to diseases, such as hepatitis, AIDS, HIV, herpes and a host of others. These issues can usually be avoided by using proper safety protocols when handling sharps of all types.

Patient transfers and assistance

Moving patients who aren’t able to do so themselves can lead to back injuries. Using hoists and having other employees assist with these tasks can help workers to avoid injuries.

Any hospital worker who suffers an on-the-job injury should ensure they get medical care right away. Workers’ compensation should cover the medical expenses, as well as certain lost wages if an employee has to miss considerable work. It’s sometimes necessary to fight for these benefits, so they should have someone on their side who can help with this.


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