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This Age Group Causes the Most Car Accidents in Oklahoma

It is common for young people to get nervous and make mistakes when learning to drive. Often, they might get too excited and drive carelessly. Unfortunately, both situations tend to cause accidents.

According to statistics, at least one in four teen drivers in Oklahoma gets in a car accident or receives a ticket during their first year of driving. Let us explore the reasons why this happens.

Inexperience and risky behavior

In Oklahoma, if you are 15, you can get a learner’s permit to drive with a supervising adult in the car. When you turn 16, you can request an intermediate license.

Teenagers with new licenses lack the experience to recognize or react to dangerous scenarios. Thus, they are more likely than adults to underestimate the hazards and get into crashes.

Young drivers also tend to make more risky choices than older peers while driving, which can result in injuries or even death. These dangerous actions include:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Texting
  • Speeding
  • Doing drugs

Usually, parents are advised to establish specific rules for their children, so everyone is safe: for example, not using a cell phone in the car, no alcohol, and always wearing a seatbelt.

In the event of a car accident, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance from someone experienced in dealing with insurance companies. If you are already paying a high premium for your teen, it is only fair that you receive good protection.

Exercising caution while driving is always necessary, especially if a teen is behind the wheel. Paying attention to the road and avoiding distractions can help to protect young people from crashes in the future.


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