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How the 2 types of spinal cord injures differ?

According to the Shepherd Center, there are an estimated 17,500 individuals who are newly diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (SCI) each year here in Oklahoma and elsewhere in the United States. All but 19% of the newly diagnosed patients are men. Many of these indivduals' injuries happen while they're playing sports, during falls, in car crashes or as a result of violence. Those patients that are diagnosed with SCIs experience varying degrees of impairment depending on the severity of their condition.

Warning signs of unsafe stairs

A slip-and-fall accident can lead to serious injuries no matter where you are, but it is perhaps most dangerous when it happens on a stairway. A simple fall could lead to life-changing head, brain or spinal cord injuries. These types of falls happen in apartment buildings, stores, malls, hotels, amusement parks and many other locations where you do not have complete control over the safety of your surroundings.

Wrong-site surgery encompasses many mistakes

Wrong-site surgery is one of the worst things that can happen to a patient, leaving known issues untreated and potentially causing irreparable damage that may even result in disability or make the person's condition far worse. For instance, if there was an operation to remove a damaged eye and the surgeon removed the wrong eye, the proper one would still have to be removed after the mistake was discovered, rendering the patient fully blind.

How to drive safely in dense fog

Dense fog has the potential to blanket areas in Oklahoma without much notice. In a perfect world, you'd be able to stay off the road in foggy conditions. However, if you have somewhere to be, such as work or school, you have no choice but to get behind the wheel.

Why do playground accidents happen?

It's back to school season! It's great if you've made it through the past few summer months without your child getting hurt. You're not completely in the clear though. When your child heads out to recess during their school day, you likely won't be there keeping a close eye on them. Their teacher will be watching as many as two dozen children. It's no wonder playground accidents occur here in Oklahoma.

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