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Oklahoma worker loses consciousness while on cell phone tower

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

Technology has made life easer in many respects, but the infrastructure that makes it possible still requires potentially dangerous repair work, as a recent story suggests.

According to the local deputy fire chief in Norman, Oklahoma, three cell phone tower workers were injured when one of the men apparently passed out. The three men were performing routine maintenance on the cell phone tower. However, the man who lost consciousness was almost 120 feet in the air at the time of the incident. Fortunately, the man was tethered, allowing his rescue. Another worker was able to attach his tether to the man and descend together.

The story is an important reminder that on-the-job accidents can happen even when safety precautions are in place. For that reason, workers’ compensation policies usually do not require a showing of fault. However, that no-fault approach does not guarantee that an employer and/or its insurance provider will approve all submitted claims.

This is where the work of a workers’ compensation attorney begins. An attorney can review medical reports to prepare a realistic estimate of the amount of expenses and rehabilitation that an injured worker will require. An attorney can also strive to get fair compensation for the time that a work will be without wages.

An attorney might caution against accepting a workers’ compensation package that is inadequate to make a worker whole again. The reason is simple: the insurance might be deemed the sole remedy for the workplace accident or injury. Thus, any future claims for lost income, rehabilitation, medical bills, or other costs might be barred. By working with an attorney, a worker can be better positioned to get fair treatment. 

Source: Claims Journal, “3 Workers Injured in Oklahoma Cell Phone Tower Incident,” Sept. 4, 2014


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