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Are you struggling financially after a work injury?

We all go to work in order to pay the bills and take care of our family. To do this, we must be physically able and healthy enough to perform the tasks at hand. Therefore, if you work in a job such as construction, factory work or mining role that requires physical ability, you depend on your body to make a living.

Therefore, if you get injured while performing your job, your whole life can fall apart. Suffering an injury is not only costly in terms of medical bills and pain and suffering, but it can also mean losing wages due to taking unpaid leave while recovering. This is why workers' compensation is in place in Oklahoma.

When can you hold trucking companies responsible for accidents?

Commercial trucking accidents are some of the most devastating collisions on the road. The sheer size and mass of these vehicles can easily crush most over vehicles and cause serious injury or death to anyone involved.

That was the tragic circumstance in Ninnekah, a small town near Oklahama City, recently. According to state trooper reports, Michael Allen Jenkins was walking along U.S. 277 early Friday morning when a tractor-trailer struck and killed him. In addition to their grief, Jenkins’ loved ones could now be facing funeral costs, lost wages and many other serious costs that accompany the loss.

Why might your workers' compensation claim be denied?

The workers' compensation system protects Oklahoma workers if they experience a work-related injury or illness. If your claim is successful, you may be able to recover medical care costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and payment for permanent disabilities. Additionally, this system pays benefits to family members if they lose a loved one in a work-related accident.

You are protected regardless of fault. However, this does not mean that all workers' compensation claims are successful. Why are claims denied?

Injuries caused by rear end accidents

There are many consequences you could encounter after being involved in a rear end collision. You may be faced with financial decisions to make or legal aftermath.

One effect you may be feeling concerns your physical health. Being in an accident can have a severe impact on you. You may have suffered an injury after your accident.

Workplace safety and the Internet of Things

Injuries and even death are common in workplaces throughout the world. According to research by the International Labor Organization, more than 500 workers are victims of injury on the job every minute. Workplace injuries seriously affect the health and well-being of employees as well as the bottom line of many companies. The Internet of Things, or IoT, may be one of the ways to improve safety for workers in all types of jobs.

Employees who work alone can be particularly vulnerable to dangers. Smart devices help keep these workers connected to their organization and nearby emergency contacts so that they can get assistance quickly if something goes wrong. IoT geolocation technology coupled with audio alerts and group chat abilities can turn ordinary smartphones into comprehensive safety devices for solitary workers out on the job.

Companies striving for compliance with silica rule

Silica dust can be hazardous to people in Oklahoma or anywhere else who breathe it in. Some of the health hazards include scarred lung tissue, silicosis and the possibility of dying from prolonged exposure. While a new OSHA rule limited the amount of silica to which a worker could be exposed by 80 percent, the construction industry is still figuring out ways to comply with the mandate.

There are many ways in which construction companies can keep exposure to appropriate levels. For instance, it may be possible to vacuum dust to make sure that it doesn't fly away or use water to prevent it from getting into the air. Depending on the conditions at a job site, employees are allowed to use respirators if changing tools or tactics doesn't help mitigate silica exposure hazards.

Workplace noise can cause permanent hearing loss

Many Oklahoma employees work in noisy environments. Unfortunately, sustained exposure to loud workplace noise can lead to permanent hearing loss.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that approximately 22 million American workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise each year. As a result, the agency fined employers $1.5 million in 2017 for failing to protect their employees from damaging noise. Meanwhile, insurers paid out around $242 million for hearing loss-related workers' compensation claims last year.

Improving air quality can protect Oklahoma lab workers

Laboratories around the country employ more than 550,000 people according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and these workers face a wide variety of airborne hazards ranging from toxic fumes to deadly pathogens. Exposure to these dangers can cause a variety of debilitating health problems and may even be life-threatening, but the perils of this type of work can be greatly reduced by sophisticated air monitoring and ventilation systems.

Monitoring the air in laboratories is crucial because even inert gases like nitrogen and argon can displace oxygen in sealed areas and asphyxiate workers. Other airborne dangers such as reactive, poisonous, flammable and biological substances pose more immediate threats to worker safety. Research facilities have traditionally relied on variable air volume boxes to manage air flow and regulate air pressure, but Venturi valves have become more common for highly specialized applications.

Construction falls are common reasons for benefits claims

Oklahoma workers may be interested in the results of a Nationwide analysis of workers' compensation claims from businesses involved in construction activities. It looked at more than 10,000 claims over a period of five years and found that over 30 percent were related to falls from heights. A fall from an elevated surface tends to cause more significant injuries compared to other types of accidents. These injuries could keep a person out of work for a longer period of time.

They could also occur to multiple parts of the body, and that could result in a worker who is disabled either temporarily or permanently. Both construction workers and managers on a job site can take steps to prevent accidents from occurring. For instance, managers should develop safety plans, inspect equipment and provide ongoing training to employees. Workers should ask for scaffolds instead of ladders when working on elevated surfaces.

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