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Why do people's personalities change after a brain injury?

One of the hardest injuries to deal with is to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have various impacts on people's lives depending on their severity and the part of the brain affected.

One thing people don't often talk about is how significantly an individual's personality can change following a brain injury. It is fairly common to see major changes to victims after a brain injury. You may notice changes in your own behavior if it's you who suffered the TBI.

Can an employer stop you from filing a claim after an injury?

Workers' compensation is an important protection for those who get hurt on the job. It means they can focus on recovery without worrying about the expense of seeking medical help. It also helps with new training if it's needed and even covers some lost wages.

With workers' compensation, most people believe it's an entitlement regardless of how an accident happens. That isn't necessarily true. For instance, if you intentionally harm yourself on the job, the likelihood is that workers' compensation will reject your claim. Independent contractors may not be covered, either. However, if you're hurt by a coworker or client, then the likelihood is that the claim does have merit. It all comes down to the situation and what your employer's workers' compensation coverage allows in terms of claims.

Get help quickly to avoid secondary injuries

Personal injuries come in many forms, but the worst of them are life-changing. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other forms of debilitating injuries change your life from the moment they happen. They don't just change your life either. In fact, it is likely that your entire family, social group and even co-workers will be affected.

The most serious injuries often take years of recovery just to get you to a point of being able to live on your own. In some cases, you will never be able to live without medical assistance. For this reason, it is vital that you get an appropriate amount of compensation for your injuries. The last thing you want to find out is that you do not have the funds to seek the medical treatments you need.

Get the help you need after an injury on the job

If you are hired to work for an employer in Oklahoma, then you should be covered by workers' compensation in the case of an injury. There is no waiting period to be covered by workers' compensation, so even if you are hurt on the first day of the job, you still have the opportunity to file a claim.

If you are hurt while you are at work, it is important to know the steps to take next. Most employers provide you with a handbook or documentation to read about claiming through workers' compensation. If not, here is a little more about what you should do when you get hurt.

Don't settle too soon: Secondary injuries are a possible threat

You may know that a spinal cord injury is very serious, and the injury itself is a real problem. You may lose the ability to walk or move your torso, for example.

However, the initial injury is not the only thing you have to worry about. Secondary complications are also a problem for many patients with spinal cord injuries. These complications can arise suddenly and may not be predictable.

In what circumstances will workers' compensation refuse to pay?

In Oklahoma, anyone hurt in the workplace generally has the right to pursue a workers' compensation claim. There are exceptions, but on the whole, it is a worker's right to make a claim when they suffer a workplace injury.

What kind of benefits can people expect, though? According to the workers' compensation information page by the insurance commissioner of Oklahoma, workers receive benefits based on the type and severity of their injuries. Some of the benefits they may receive include lifetime medical benefits, disability income benefits, limited funeral expenses for workers who have died on the job and death benefits for those who survived a loved one who was killed on the job.

It's your right to fight for compensation after a brain injury

Brain injuries cause many symptoms, especially when they're moderate or severe in nature. For instance, someone with an acute injury may have trouble talking, seeing or hearing. The damage may be so serious that there is little chance of recovery.

As the loved one of a victim of a brain injury, you know that much of their care falls to you. You're the one who takes them to medical appointments, keeps their medications straight and encourages ongoing therapies. It's for your sake and theirs that you fight for as much compensation as possible.

Oklahoma’s older roads are causing problems

Drivers need to consistently adjust to their surrounding environments. When it rains, they need to slow down and turn on the windshield wipers. When it is windy, they need to have a firm grip on the steering wheel and stay close to the middle of their lane. Unfortunately, some accidents aren’t the result of failing to adjust to the weather. Many are due to older roads that haven’t seen repairs in ages.

Recently, American insurance comparison website Insurify made a ranking list of the top 10 states that are in dire need of road repair. They put Oklahoma in the tenth spot thanks to 22 percent of the state’s rural roads and 16 percent of bridges to be in poor condition. Residents should be aware of the large amount of deteriorating roads in the state to properly prepare themselves for driving in the area.

Impaired driving dangers over holidays

The Labor Day holiday unofficially marks the close of the summer season and the transition into the fall and winter times in Oklahoma. Barbecues, community events, trips to the beach and many other celebratory events happen over the weekend.

With Labor Day weekend approaching, drivers and passengers alike should know the potential added roadway dangers that come with a holiday weekend. Local travelers and tourists will occupy the roads at a higher rate over the Labor Day weekend, which can mean a higher rate of impaired and distracted driving as well.

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