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These tips can help you work safely on a ladder

In your profession, ladders are a very typical part of your day. Maybe you’re a janitor who has to clean up elevated areas, change light bulbs and do other types of maintenance. Or maybe you’re a house painter or a window washer who has to climb tall ladders on a regular basis.

No matter why you use ladders, it’s important to understand that they create a significant fall risk. In some industries, like construction, falls are the number one reason for injuries and fatalities. So how can you use a ladder safely?

10 tips to keep in mind

Accidents are always possible, but here are some tips that can help reduce the odds that you will be injured:

  1. Climb slowly and carefully. 
  2. Focus on deliberate movements. 
  3. Do not lean from the top of the ladder. 
  4. Don’t move the ladder while you’re already on it, such as “walking” it to another location. 
  5. Do not climb a ladder that another worker is using. 
  6. Keep three points of contact at all times, which means not climbing with tools or materials in your hands. 
  7. Use the right type of ladder – such as a stepladder or an extension ladder – for the job. 
  8. Read the safety instructions, especially considering things like how to set up the ladder or what the weight limit is.
  9. Inspect the latter and how it was set up every time you use it.
  10. Beware of power lines and other hazards.

A focus on safety can reduce the odds of an accident, but you could still suffer serious injuries in a fall. If you do, then you need to know what legal steps to take.



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