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Which Oklahoma drivers have the right-of-way at intersections?

Prioritizing safety in traffic requires that Oklahoma drivers know the law and consistently follow it. Motorists generally need to remain aware of their surroundings and analyze circumstances as they change. They may also sometimes want to review the details of traffic laws, which can become unclear after years of driving.

For example, Oklahoma drivers approaching an intersection generally need to understand right-of-way laws so that they don’t unintentionally cause a collision. When multiple vehicles approach an intersection at the same time, there are already rules in place determining who proceeds through the intersection and who must yield the right-of-way.

Drivers in an intersection have the right-of-way

State law includes rules for right-of-way matters at intersections, and new drivers learn these rules in mandatory educational courses. Over the years, Oklahoma drivers may forget the details of state regulations.

Many intersections have stop signs that apply to every approaching route. Others may have signage for one street but not another. Traffic lights can also help direct the flow of traffic. Generally speaking, drivers need to comply with all posted signage and traffic lights. However, they must also check current traffic conditions to establish if they have the right-of-way or not. Typically, if there is already a vehicle in the intersection, any approaching Oklahoma drivers must yield the right-of-way.

right-of-way rules in Oklahoma also require that motorists wait and yield the right-of-way if another vehicle is so close to the intersection that it presents an imminent hazard. Sometimes, two vehicles approach an intersection at roughly the same time. When that occurs, then Oklahoma right-of-way laws require that the driver of the vehicle on the left yield to the driver  on the right.

Someone who yields the right-of-way may experience a temporary delay at an intersection. However, their choices significantly reduce the likelihood that they could end up involved in a collision. Unfortunately, even if someone consistently follows right-of-way rules and other traffic laws, they could end up injured in a crash caused by another driver’s bad choices.

Reviewing right-of-way rules occasionally may benefit Oklahoma drivers who aspire to avoid vehicle collisions. Motorists who review and comply with state statutes have less risk of causing a crash at a busy intersection, as well as less risk of incurring liability in the event that a crash does occur.


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