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Does the Union Provide Me With A Divorce Attorney?

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Does The Union Provide Me With A Divorce Attorney?

Most people don’t realize they need a lawyer until they realize they need a lawyer. But you don’t want to wait until you’re in some kind of hot water to find one. There are some situations we know without a doubt we need professional help with, like filing for divorce, lawsuit representation, or criminal charges. Other times you may need a lawyer may not seem as obvious to you. People involved in civil or criminal conflict or controversies aren’t the only ones who benefit from legal counsel. Individuals retain lawyers for advice and expertise often, for help in all kinds of situations.

Union Plus Provides Attorneys

Union Plus is an entity that provides a variety of consumer benefits discounts and services to union members. The people that can participate in these benefits include AFL-CIO union members, their spouses, and dependents.

Union Plus Benefits

  • Union Plus Benefits include services such as:
  • Money and Insurance Assistance
  • Home and Technology Discounts
  • Health Services
  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Auto Services
  • Education and Legal
  • Hardship Assistance

Union Plus Legal Benefits

Among the many benefits of the Union Plus Program are legal services. Attorneys provided through the Union Plus Program can help members with a variety of legal assistance including:

  • Family law
  • Traffic matters
  • Wills and estate-planning
  • Real estate
  • Criminal
  • Immigration

Does The Union Provide Me With A Divorce Attorney?

Since Union Plus attorneys are able to provide assistance in Family Law, the Union absolutely provides you with a Divorce Attorney.

Tulsa Union Plus Attorneys

Frasier, Frasier & Hickman LLP has been a participant in the Union Plus program since it began. Year after year we are rated as one of the top providers in the Union-Plus Legal Services program. This program offers members assurance they will receive quality legal assistance and consideration to the matters that concern them the most, as well as the prospect of solving legal questions at reduced cost. Our Tulsa attorneys are ready to assist you when you call. For a free initial consultation, call 918-779-3658 or contact us online.


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