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Workers’ compensation in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2015 | Workplace Safety

If you have been injured at your job in Oklahoma, you may know that your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance is in place in order to provide benefits for people who are injured while working. You may be able to receive benefits through this coverage for your medical expenses, rehabilitation needs, any needed medical equipment and your lost income.

It is important that you do several things upon being injured. You need to notify your supervisor immediately and request medical care. Your next step will be to see the doctor and file a Form 3 through the proper channels.

You may have already been to see the doctor chosen by your employer’s carrier, as the insurance company is able to select the doctor, and you may have been denied benefits, either in total or in part. It is important that you take the next steps needed in order to make certain you get the benefits you deserve. You should expect that you will need to gather appropriate medical documentation of your workplace injury in order to prove your need for benefits. You might also be in a situation in which your workplace injury left you unable to work, and in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, you may need help with filing claims for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

At our firm, we understand exactly how complex and unwieldy the workers’ compensation laws are for most people. We help our injured clients file their Form 3. We then advocate vigorously on their behalf to ensure they get the compensation they deserve. When needed, we also help our clients apply for disability benefits. If you have further questions about these matters, you may want to read our work accident page.


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