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I was Forced to Retire or Get Fired

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2015 | Employment Law

Are These Fair Options?

A company may attempt to get an employee to retire for a wide variety of reasons, but no one should ever feel as if they have no options when they find themselves in this type of predicament. If you or a loved one has begun receiving pressure to retire even though you are not ready you should immediately contact an attorney here at Frazier, Frazier & Hickman so that you can take legal action if it is necessary.

Which Option Should I Choose?

Understanding when it is beneficial to be fired and when it is best to resign can be difficult. Every single situation is slightly different and there are not many times in which it will be financially prudent for both the employee and the company to either be fired or retire. Employees need to carefully consider a number of details to decide which is right for them, and this begins with if they are ready to retire. An employee should keep written records of all correspondences with their boss or the HR department as soon as they are being pressured to retire.

Unfortunately, when a company is “forcing” an employee to retire it is because they want to save money. If an employee is fired, then there is a higher likelihood of a lawsuit and the company may have to pay more for unemployment. The primary reason that most companies urge an employee to resign is to avoid these two situations. If you or a loved one has found yourselves in this type of situation, then you may have a number of options to protect your legal rights.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me?

One of the best reasons to hire an attorney for this type of situation is to avoid a trial altogether. Many times, a company will prefer to offer a severance package, keep the individual employed, or engage in out-of-court mediation instead of going to trial. Even a relatively quick trial can cost a company quite a bit of money when all of the fines and fees have been paid. These situations will become even more complex if the employee feels as if they are being forced to resign due to some form of discrimination.

Instead of entering into negotiations with the company or filing paperwork for a civil trial, employees should contact an attorney that is experienced with these cases. If these situations spiral out of control, an employee could be looking at lost wages, mounting monthly bills, no unemployment payments, and difficulty finding a new job.

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