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New tech for old backs

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2015 | Workplace Safety

Oklahoma employees may be interested in learning more about how wearable technology may be able to help improve workplace safety. A new device has been developed that could help warehouse workers avoid throwing out their backs while performing functions necessary for their job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that over 100,000 workplace injuries were attributable to lowering or lifting objects and boxes during 2013. One company has already developed a back brace equipped with technology capable of detecting the muscles being used when the body is attempting to lift an object.

The brace sends real-time data to a wristband in order to inform the user whether their lifting technique is safe or unsafe. The developer believes that if workers are more informed about their own bodily movements, workplace accidents are less likely to occur. The product design is based on the belief that the demands of the workplace frequently compel employees to deviate from the proper lifting techniques that are taught during training.

The wristband may act as an alert system and warn employees when they are using improper lifting techniques on the job. The device may also provide useful data to managers that can indicate where the safety improvements can be made or identify which employees may need more training. The device can help quantify the time and efforts employees spend participating in activities that could be a potential safety or injury risk.

Employees who suffer injuries due to the nature of the work might benefit from approaching legal counsel. A lawyer may be prepared to investigate the workplace safety standards and help injured workers determine if it’s best to file a compensation claim or a lawsuit against the parties liable for the resulting damages. Legal counsel may also be equipped to help injured employees obtain the adequate medical treatment and wage benefits guaranteed by the law.


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