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My Former Attorney Never Provided A Written Fee Agreement, Now Hidden Fees Are Due That I Cannot Afford

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In many instances when people need the assistance of an attorney, they are under tremendous stress and may not think clearly when it comes to the attorney’s fees once the case is completed. As a result, they may find themselves facing many legal fees they were not expecting to pay. While it is always best to have an attorney provide a written fee agreement prior to retaining one as your legal counsel, some attorneys may not do so and instead go with an oral agreement. To make sure all potential fees are spelled out and the payment arrangement is clear to both parties, it’s always best to have everything in writing.

Discuss Financial Arrangements

Despite being under duress due to various circumstances, anyone who is seeking to retain an attorney for various services needs to discuss the financial arrangements prior to working together. Most attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients, where they not only discuss the details of the case but also any other pertinent questions, such as how the attorney will be paid. Doing so during the consultation will allow everyone to be clear on what is expected regarding payment and any fees that may be incurred during the legal proceedings.

Payment Plans

Many lawyers will allow clients to set up a payment plan in order to pay their legal bill, making it easier on everyone. With many lawyers who focus on personal injury, a client will pay nothing unless they win their case in court. If there are any questions whatsoever, it is best to ask them right away to avoid any misunderstandings later on. It is important for clients to remember that once an attorney renders their services, payment for those services should be made as soon as possible unless prior arrangements have been made.

Be Willing To Negotiate

In the event clients are facing legal fees they simply cannot afford, it may be possible to negotiate with the attorney in an effort to reach a compromise solution. In most cases, so long as the negotiating is done in good faith, a financial solution can be reached. Though lawyers are under no obligation to do so, they often choose to work with those clients whom they know are cooperative and trustworthy. However, to avoid any awkward situations involving payment for services rendered, getting a written fee agreement from the beginning is always the smartest decision. Contact Frasier Law today at 918-779-3658


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