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The Car Insurance Claim Interview – What to Expect

Victims of auto accident should always contact their insurance company as soon as possible after the accident occurs to begin the claims process. One of the first steps of the auto insurance claim process is the interview about your accident. This is a vital aspect of your claim, because anything you say in the auto insurance interview will have a direct impact on how you are compensated for your damages and personal injuries.

Obtaining The Maximum Amount For Your Claim Because what you say can be used against you, you should consider contacting an experienced Tulsa auto accident attorney to guide you through the claims process. Most people want to keep all of the compensation in their own pocket, rather than splitting it with a Tulsa car accident lawyer. However, a knowledgeable attorney who has handled thousands of insurance claims will obtain the maximum amount possible for your claim, which will certainly benefit you if you are facing medical bills or other expenses. The key to getting a good claim is actually allowing others to look at your damages, injuries, and circumstances to help you craft your claim. Damages are not always physical, but also mental and emotional.
When Will The Interview Happen? Typically, insurance companies prefer to conduct the interview as soon as possible. They may even conduct it the first time that you call them to report the accident. The reason they prefer to ask the questions when you first call is because the details will be fresher in your mind now than they will be days or even weeks from now.
If the representative at the insurance company does not ask you questions regarding your accident when you report the claim, you can expect someone to call you back later for the interview. It is your legal right to inform the insurance representative if you cannot conduct your interview because of a disability or because you would prefer to have an attorney handle the interview for you. Most people do not realize that you are not obligated to answer any questions pertaining to the accident before you obtain a lawyer.
What To Expect In most cases, the interview is handled over the phone, but do not be surprised if you are asked to come into their office. You will normally be asked if the insurance representative can record the interview. (By law, they must ask you.) You do not have to give your permission to record the conversation, as you are not obligated by law to provide the insurance company with a statement at all.
If you do decide to participate in the interview, and whether or not you allow them to record it, be sure to be as truthful and accurate as possible. The information you provide them could increase the offer that they make you. If there are details about the accident that are foggy, be sure to tell the interviewer this.
Obtaining Legal Representation Even if you provide the insurance company a perfectly detailed account of the accident and allow them to record the interview, you may be caught off guard when their settlement offer comes in well below what you expected. When you have legal counsel, insurance companies know that they cannot lowball you with their unreasonable offers. That is why it makes more sense to obtain a Tulsa car accident attorney to deal with the insurance company from the beginning. Contact Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP at 918-779-3658 today so we can discuss your options further.


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