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Safety survey indicates generation and communication gaps

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Workplace Safety

A survey conducted by Rave Mobile Safety resulted in some statistics that may be helpful to Oklahoma employees and employers alike. The survey provides insight into how workers and companies handle workplace safety communications. Among the conclusions drawn from the survey was that Generation Z and Millennial workers were less informed regarding matters of workplace safety than were Baby Boomers. About 53 percent of Millennials who responded were unaware of their workplace’s emergency plans, compared to 34 percent of respondents who were 45 or older.

Only 8 percent of Millennials said they were very likely to report a situation where a worker’s safety was a concern. Almost half of the group 45 and older said they were very likely to report a situation like that. The survey included data from 530 people.

Employees in different environments agreed about how they’d prefer to be notified in case of emergency with remote workers and main office employees saying text messaging was best for emergency alerts. Such systems are rare, however, with only 37 percent of respondents saying their workplaces used text messages for emergency communications.

A large majority of those who responded were aware of their workplaces’ fire emergency plans with 87 percent saying such plans had been put in place and practiced. Only 57 percent of respondents, by comparison, said their workplaces had plans established plans for hazardous materials incidents, active shooter incidents, weather alerts or other emergency events.

In a case where an employee is injured due to a failure of workplace safety practices, an attorney may be able to provide advice about potential avenues of recovery or by gathering evidence in support of a claim. Injured parties may be entitled to compensation for medical care, lost wages, permanent injuries or other damages. An attorney might be able to negotiate or argue on the client’s behalf during hearings with at-fault parties or government officials.


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