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Injuries caused by rear end accidents

There are many consequences you could encounter after being involved in a rear end collision. You may be faced with financial decisions to make or legal aftermath.

One effect you may be feeling concerns your physical health. Being in an accident can have a severe impact on you. You may have suffered an injury after your accident.

Here are a few common injuries suffered after people are involved in a rear end collision. You may recognize some of these injuries and symptoms. If you have not already visited a doctor you might want to think about it so you do not suffer more long term physical consequences.


This is the most common injury that results from a rear end collision. The force from the accident is likely to cause a whipping motion of your head as your body is moved forward and back. Whiplash occurs when a tendon or muscle is stretch or torn.

Whiplash can cause chronic pain and long-term care. Some symptoms are neck pain and stiffness as well as headaches and tenderness in your shoulders or upper back.

Brain, Head or face injury

Head and face injuries are also common in rear end collisions. You could suffer a concussion or other head injury as well as a broken nose or other facial fracture. These could be caused if your head hits the steering wheel or dashboard.

Symptoms of a concussion include memory loss, headache or temporary loss of consciousness. You could also suffer dizziness and ringing in your ears, among other symptoms.

Hand or wrist injury

Extending or locking your wrists, arms or hands can cause injury during a rear end accident. These types of injuries are also common as you may want to try to brace or break your fall as an accident occurs.

Soreness and pain are common signs that you may have a wrist or hand injury.

Injuries caused by seatbelt

Seatbelt injuries are also very common in automobile accidents, especially rear end collisions. Though seatbelts are designed to keep you safe and will likely save your life, they can also cause some injuries. The force caused by an accident can cause an injury from the seatbelt as it locks to keep you in place.

Common injuries from seatbelts are broken collar bones or bruising to your stomach

It is not uncommon for a rear end collision to cause an injury and these are just a few potential injuries you may suffer. Your safety and physical health are important and you should make sure you are physically healthy after an accident.


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