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When is a car accident most likely to occur?

Although it is probably not something you want to think about as you get behind the wheel, a motor vehicle accident could happen anywhere, anytime. While you do your best to remain alert and focused on the road, what statewide crash statistics suggest might interest you.

Data provided by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office breaks down crash and injury reports by county, as well as according to the day and time of the accident, whether it was rural or urban, and what the weather conditions were like during that time.

2017 statistics might surprise you

There are multiple ways of assessing the possible cause of the 71,415 crashes reported throughout Oklahoma in 2017. And if you were, unfortunately, involved in an accident, you might wonder how your incident compares:

  • Where did the most accidents occur? Oklahoma County reported the highest number of accidents, totaling 21,405. Meanwhile, 25 reports came from Harper County.
  • What were the weather conditions? The majority of accidents (47,998) happened during clear conditions. Cloudy skies resulted in 15,882 incidents.
  • On what day of the week did most accidents happen? Although other weekdays show more than 10,000 incident reports each, 12,649 accidents were reported on Fridays.

Considering the 613 crash-related fatalities statewide during 2017, you would be wise to consider ways you can implement safety practices while driving.

Steps you can take to be safe while operating a vehicle

While there are no guarantees while driving, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of safe travel. Regardless of the time of day or how nice the weather is, you can:

  • Remain sober
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Bring your car in for regular maintenance
  • Avoid distractions
  • Maintain a safe speed
  • Anticipate problems

You cannot control what other drivers do. However, you can choose to drive defensively. Doing so may help you keep you safe.


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