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Get the help you need after an injury on the job

If you are hired to work for an employer in Oklahoma, then you should be covered by workers’ compensation in the case of an injury. There is no waiting period to be covered by workers’ compensation, so even if you are hurt on the first day of the job, you still have the opportunity to file a claim.

If you are hurt while you are at work, it is important to know the steps to take next. Most employers provide you with a handbook or documentation to read about claiming through workers’ compensation. If not, here is a little more about what you should do when you get hurt.

Reporting your injury

It is vital that you report your injury as soon as possible. Any job-related injury needs to be reported within 30 days. However, it is a good idea to report your injury as soon as it occurs, if possible. You need to obtain medical treatment within a 30-day period as well.

Where should you seek medical treatment?

You can seek care at the hospital or an emergency room. You may also see your own doctor for your initial visit. You should get any treatment that is reasonable and necessary following the injury.

Your employer does have a right to choose the treating physician, but this is generally waived for the first visit unless the employer is there to indicate where you need to go. If you are not happy with the doctor your employer chooses, you can change the treating physician. However, the process varies depending on the type of workers’ compensation plan you have.

Your attorney can help you seek compensation or argue a denial. If you’re hurt, you deserve the support you need.


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