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Can an employer stop you from filing a claim after an injury?

Workers’ compensation is an important protection for those who get hurt on the job. It means they can focus on recovery without worrying about the expense of seeking medical help. It also helps with new training if it’s needed and even covers some lost wages.

With workers’ compensation, most people believe it’s an entitlement regardless of how an accident happens. That isn’t necessarily true. For instance, if you intentionally harm yourself on the job, the likelihood is that workers’ compensation will reject your claim. Independent contractors may not be covered, either. However, if you’re hurt by a coworker or client, then the likelihood is that the claim does have merit. It all comes down to the situation and what your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage allows in terms of claims.

Can your employer prevent you from filing a workers’ compensation claim?

Not legally. It is your right to file a claim, whether it’s believed that the claim is legitimate or not. If your employer attempts to prevent you from filing a claim, you should reach out to Oklahoma’s Workers Compensation Commission directly to file your claim.

What happens if a claim is denied?

Sometimes, claims are denied. If that happens, you have an opportunity to file an appeal. You may wish to provide evidence of your injuries along with medical documents showing that they were caused on the job. With the right documents in place, it is easier to show that you deserve to have your claim approved and to get the workers’ compensation you need to get medical care and to pay your bills.


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