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Man denied workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress

In news out of Oklahoma, there is an interesting story about a former cameraman who has been denied workers’ compensation despite claiming that he has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The videographer worked for a television station and spent his time covering tragic events throughout the state and elsewhere.

The man, who formerly worked at KOKH Channel 25, was assigned to record scenes that were often too disturbing to be aired, according to the court. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to obtain workers’ compensation, claims the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

While the work-related injury is a result of seeing horrible tragedies in the field, Oklahoma’s laws require that the injury is a direct result of a compensable physical injury. There doesn’t have to be a physical injury for a person to develop PTSD, even though a physical injury can bring it on.

If you don’t think this is fair, you’re not alone. People who suffer an injury of any kind while on the job should have a right to seek compensation. If you are hurt or develop mental troubles as a result of your employment, it is your right to seek a claim. Only by showing that mental illnesses and injuries can occur without a physical injury can people get closer to obtaining workers’ compensation for these psychological wounds.

The right help could make a difference in a case like this because no person should have to witness horrifying scenes and go without the mental-health support they need to get back to their jobs or begin in a new line of work.


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