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Car accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries. That’s why you must let the first responders examine you at the accident scene if you’ve been injured. Don’t object if they determine that you need to go to the hospital. You may have an internal injury that isn’t obvious at first even though you feel OK. 

One of the most catastrophic injuries that may result from a car collision is a brain injury. While some brain injuries manifest symptoms immediately following an accidental impact, others may not exhibit signs for hours or even days.

What to expect at the hospital

When you are involved in a car accident, your head might strike an automobile window, be hit by flying glass or bang against the steering wheel. Even if the airbags deploy, you may be injured. Tests usually include an examination to rule out contusions, fractures to the skull and concussions. Additionally, they will search for a coup-contrecoup, which indicates two separate injuries to the brain. For instance, you may sustain two injuries if you take a forceful hit to the head on the left side that causes your brain to hit the inside of your skull on the right side.

The doctor will also determine if your wounds are closed or open. When something like a steel rod or sharp glass strikes or impales the skull, it results in an open injury. When a brain injury is closed, it indicates that no fractures or cuts are apparent.

Recovery takes time and costs money

Typically, sustaining a traumatic brain injury necessitates some type of medical intervention. A small injury may require a brief hospitalization period. If the damage is more serious, it may require a prolonged recovery period in a rehabilitation center.

Due to the high expenses associated with healing and the potential impact on your physical ability, it is recommended that you seek assistance in pursuing compensation for your injuries.


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