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Do robots make warehouses safer?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

Working in an Oklahoma warehouse, you know the high risk of injury in your job. You and all the other employees move around at a quick pace to meet production demands. Loose items on the floor, spills and forklifts add to the dangers you face every day.

To reduce the risk of injury, some warehouses have started using robots for more repetitive tasks. But as companies try to figure out how these machines fit in with the flow, human workers must learn to adapt.

Robots are meant to take over tasks that can lead to injury

Of all the companies trying to use more robots, Amazon leads the way. They have bought two robotics companies to create technology specifically for their fulfillment centers. Many of their warehouses already have the machines zooming around the floor.

This leaves tasks that require fine motor skills to human employees. Since workers don’t have to move around as much, companies like Amazon believe using robots will reduce injuries while increasing productivity.

Current robot technology may make warehouses more dangerous

But some studies suggest that robots add as many dangers as they take away. Warehouses with the technology report higher injury levels. And some critics say that the robots many companies use force workers to adapt to unnatural conditions.

Injuries from new technology can leave you unable to work

You may already work with many different technologies in your job. Safety lights and alarms can alert you to dangers and may even stop the flow of your workplace to prevent injuries.

However, companies use robots to increase the speed of a warehouse while reducing the tasks humans must do. But when things go wrong, they may end up causing injuries that leave you unable to work. You will need to rely on workers’ compensation benefits to pay your medical bills and supplement your income.

When warehouses use new technology, workers must adapt

As companies develop and use new technology at your job, you will need to adapt to the changes. Whether robots will make your workplace safer or not remains to be seen.


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