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Defensive driving habits can prevent a car crash

Anyone who has been a victim of a car crash, wouldn’t wish the experience on others. Accidents can disrupt your day, cause minor and long-lasting injuries, take a toll on your vehicle or even be fatal.

Instead of just hoping you never meet the bumper of another car in a painful way, you can take a more defensive approach to driving. Defensive driving involves considering the worst-case scenario with every car ride you take. Avoiding accidents at all costs can include following traffic laws, managing distractions and being mindful of the road and weather conditions.

Follow traffic laws

As obvious as following the rules of the road may seem, many drivers have a one-track mind when they enter the roadway. They have a destination in mind or an appointment to make and they will aggressively pass cars or race through yellow lights as if they are the only ones on the road. But, following the basic laws around speed limits and stopping completely for stop signs can protect you from drivers who disregard laws due to recklessness or impaired driving. Plus, you are less likely to receive a traffic ticket.

Manage distractions

Increasing your awareness while on the road gives you a larger time window to react to a risk you perceive on the road. For example, say you notice a car is getting awfully close to the back of your vehicle and your hands are off the wheel and on a sandwich that you are eating. In this scenario, if you would like to make a sudden lane change to prevent a rear-end crash, it might be difficult to put down your snack down in time.

Instead, you should avoid distractions that force you to take your eyes or mind of the road or take your hands off the wheel. Try finishing up all grooming tasks and eating meals before leaving and keep your phone well out of reach.

Check road conditions

Another defensive approach to driving includes avoiding roads when there might be hazards brought on by weather conditions or construction projects. Simply checking for extreme weather events before leaving home or checking if major construction will interrupt your ride can prevent a weather- or construction-related accident. You can visit Oklahoma’s Department of Transportation’s webpage to view a list of ongoing road repair projects and interactive maps.

Risks on the road can still effect the safest drivers. But, keep in mind that there are experienced personal injury attorneys who can help you or those close to you recover compensation you need to heal from a painful crash.



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