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Temporary total disability workers’ compensation and time limits

When Oklahoma workers are injured on the job and need workers’ compensation benefits, their injuries might not be so severe that they are off the job permanently. However, they will need a certain amount of time to recover. With Temporary Total Disability (TTD), the benefits will be paid for a limited duration. A physician decides if the worker is categorized under TTD. The worker will receive 70% of average weekly wages while on disability. A key part of TTD goes beyond knowing the amount the worker receives while off the job and understanding how long the TTD benefits will be paid.

The duration of TTD hinges on the injury

Workers can get TTD benefits for a limited time depending on the injury. If the injuries came about after May 28, 2019, the benefits can be provided for 156 weeks. It can increase to up to 208 weeks if the person has a “consequential” injury. The length of time it takes for the worker to achieve maximum medical improvement is the key. Injuries that happened from Feb. 1, 2014 to May 27, 2019 limits the duration to 104 weeks and can last for up to 156 weeks.

If the person has a soft tissue injury like ligament damage, there is a maximum of eight weeks. If the worker needs surgery, it can extend to 16 weeks. There can be another eight weeks if the worker needs injections to treat it. There will be six weeks of TTD for a hernia. Increasingly, people can get workers’ compensation benefits for mental illness or injury. These are limited to 26 weeks. If there is evidence that it should continue, it can be extended to 52 weeks.

Getting workers’ compensation often requires legal advice

Being injured on the job inevitably causes worry and fear about the future. Lost income and the need for medical care can be challenging even if the injuries are not permanent. Those who are seeking workers’ compensation benefits for a limited time and are classified as temporarily disabled should understand the time limits and other steps required to maximize how long they are paid. Approval could even be problematic at the start. For help with a claim, consulting with a legal professional experienced in workers’ compensation cases may be useful.


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