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Accident reconstruction could support your personal injury claim

Most car accidents seem pretty straightforward. One person makes a mistake or acts in a negligent way that results in a collision and injuries. But in some circumstances, the facts of the accident and who to blame are more difficult to determine. This might be especially true if multiple vehicles are involved and everyone has a different account of what happened. In these instances, you’ll want to make sure that you have the evidence you need if you hope to successfully pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

The role of accident reconstruction

Instead of relying solely on witness testimony to build your case, you can turn to science for help. An accident reconstruction utilizes the law of physics to analyze an accident and determine exactly how it occurred. This can help you better determine who was at fault, and the testimony of the expert who conducts the reconstruction can be powerful in proving liability.

There are a lot of aspects to accident reconstruction. An expert will analyze everything from the final resting positions of the cars involved, tire skid marks, weather and road conditions, and even witness accounts. This is another reason why it’s helpful to take photographs of the accident for later use.

Be prepared to build your case and counter the defense

Although an accident reconstruction can help you build your case, it’s not the only aspect of your case. You need to take a holistic approach to your claim if you hope to succeed and recover the full extent of your damages. Additionally, you should be prepared to counter the defense’s arguments, which might include an accident reconstruction of their own.

This is why it’s often best for accident victims to be represented by a personal injury attorney who knows how to competently build one of these cases. So, if you’re looking for legal assistance, then you might want to fully vet your legal representation options so that you can have the support that you need to build the best case possible.


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