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Four persons injured in fiery crash of semis on Turner Turnpike

The stormy weather that is sweeping across the southern portion of the U.S. has exacted a fearsome toll in traffic accidents and injuries. One of the most destructive accidents occurred on Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma on the Turner Turnpike just west of the exit for Hiwassee Road.

The accident

The accident involved four semi-trailer trucks and four other vehicles, including an SUV. Four persons were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment of various injuries. The accident did not produce any fatalities, but the conditions of the injured persons were not known. Earliest reports of the accident stated that a heavy snow was falling at the time of the collisions. Some traffic officials said that the snow may have interfered with driver visibility and was thus a partial cause of the accident.

Several of the commercial trucks burst into flames, but no information was provided about their cargoes or the extent of the damage caused by the fires. The severity of the cold temperature was demonstrated by the fact that two fire engines and a pumper became non-operational because various mechanical parts became frozen.

Claims for damages

Many people might assume that the involvement of inclement weather as a leading cause of this collision would prevent anyone from recovering damages. This assumption may be incorrect. To the extent that freezing rain and snow are part of Oklahoma’s normal (if infrequent) winter weather, drivers are required to take reasonable precautions to avoid losing control of their vehicles. The number of vehicles involved in the pile-up indicates that at least one or two drivers lost control and increased the destructiveness of the accident.

Anyone who has suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a similar accident may wish to confer with an experienced personal injury attorney for an evaluation of the evidence, an assessment of the potential liability of other parties, and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.



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