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Important steps when an injury happens at work

Injuries happen all the time. A Tulsa resident can suffer minor injuries at home, while engaged in hobbies, or even while doing their job. Where a person suffers harm can greatly impact their ability to seek financial benefits for their losses. When harm is sustained while a worker is on the job, the injured worker may have rights to seek workers’ compensation.

In the aftermath of an on-the-job injury, a worker can take certain steps to protect their rights. This post does not provide instruction or legal advice on how to start a workers’ compensation claim, but does offer some insights on steps workers may consider if their injuries are work-related. No part of this post should be read as legal advice, and all questions about workers’ compensation claims should be directed to workers’ compensation attorneys.

After an injury: What to do

Depending on the severity of a work-related injury, a worker may need to seek medical help immediately. If their injury is severe, they should go to a hospital or emergency room to have their ailment treated and to prevent further harm. Workers do not have to wait for their employers to seek medical help if their injuries are serious and require immediate medical attention.

When they are able, an injured worker should contact their employer in writing about the harm that they suffered while on the job. They should include in their notice certain facts about when, where, and how their injury occurred. They may also include what treatment they required to recover from their injury.

Once an employer is notified and a worker has filled out the needed paperwork to advance their claim, they can track their claim’s progress. Following along with their claim may help ensure that it is properly reviewed and that any questions are answered in a time fashion.

Workers’ compensation denials

Many workers’ compensation claims are paid out without issue. Some are not. When a workers’ compensation claim requires an appeal, a worker may not be sure of what to do to keep their claim moving forward. They can contact their trusted workers’ compensation attorneys for support to make sure their appeals are property filed and pursued.


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