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Workers’ compensation and aggravated pre-existing conditions

The injuries that form the bases of worker’s compensation claims are often new conditions that happen because of Oklahoma workers’ job-related duties. When a worker suffers a fall at work or develops a painful repetitive motion injury because of their work-related tasks, they may have options to seek compensation through their job’s workers’ compensation program. However, not all workers’ compensation claims are based on new injuries and some may be supported by aggravated pre-existing conditions.

What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that existed before a certain point in time. In the context of workers’ compensation, a pre-existing condition may be one that a worker had before they took a particular job. For example, a worker may have a chronic back problem before are hired to work on an assembly line in a factory and that back problem may be considered a condition that pre-existed their work.

How can pre-existing conditions be considered work-related for workers’ compensation?

Not all pre-existing conditions may serve as grounds for workers’ compensation claims. When a pre-existing condition is aggravated or made worse by a person’s job tasks, then that condition may be considered compensable under workers’ compensation. It is important, though, that individuals understand that the specific nature of workers’ compensation claims will guide their appropriateness for compensation. This post does not provide any legal or medical advice on any workers’ compensation-related subject.

Steps to take after suffering an aggravation to a pre-existing condition at work

When a Tulsa resident aggravates a pre-existing condition due to their work, they should inform their supervisor and fill out any necessary paperwork to initiate and give notice of their workers’ compensation claim. Just as a worker would seek counsel due to a new work-related injury, they can also contact their trusted workers’ compensation legal representative for help and claim-specific guidance.



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