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Three signs that the driver you’re following is distracted

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Distracted Driving

How many times have you been following someone while driving and wondered what they were doing? Swerving and moving across lanes is often a clear indicator that the person behind the wheel is not paying attention to the road.

As a driver, you need to be aware of what other people on the road are doing and to watch out for potential hazards. While someone’s behavior might be obvious, like the above example, there are some more subtle hints that someone probably isn’t paying proper attention while driving.

They’re tailgating the car in front of them

One of the signs of being distracted is being unable to properly judge distances. If you notice that the car in front of you isn’t allowing enough space between them and the vehicle they’re following, it might be because the driver is not paying enough attention. It can also suggest that they’re in a rush and are trying to intimidate the lead vehicle’s driver to go faster. This type of driving can be dangerous.

They’re speeding or driving too slow

Another sign of distracted driving is speeding or driving far too slow. Both of these indicate that the person in control of the vehicle is not paying attention to their speedometer as to how fast they’re going. A person may also be erratic and unpredictable in their driving with sudden speeding and unexpected braking.

You can see a heated conversation happening

You may be able to see into the car in front and can tell from the body language of those inside that they’re having an animated conversation. It might be an argument or they could just be enjoying themselves; either way it can mean that they’re not paying proper attention – especially if they’re drifting between lanes or failing to use their turn signals at the same time.

Being injured in a car accident due to the distracted driving of another can leave you with injuries and significant damage to your vehicle. You’re entitled to find out more information about your rights to make a claim.


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