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4 ways to prevent social media from jeopardizing your PI claim

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

Social media permeates your life, influencing how you share information and connect with the rest of the world. But to have a virtual presence also means your online platforms can be a gold mine for insurance companies searching for proof to challenge your personal injury (PI) claim.

If you have severe injuries from a vehicular accident or while performing work-related tasks, disengaging from any social media activity reduces risks. It will be strategic to learn how to prevent insurers from turning your posts, comments and reactions against you.

Observing social media caution

You can expect the other party’s insurance company to exhaust all means to cast doubt on your claim. They can hire an investigator to comb through your social networks for anything that questions your legitimacy. Thus, you cannot afford to be complacent, as everything you display on your accounts can be admissible evidence in court.

To protect yourself while your Oklahoma case is pending, you must:

  • Refrain from clicking or accepting suspicious links or requests
  • Review the settings of all your social profiles and add necessary security functions
  • Advise all your contacts, especially closest family members and friends, not to mention or discuss any detail of your case
  • Avoid participating in activities, whether in real life or online, that contradict your supposedly dire condition

While you can configure additional privacy measures, there is still no guaranteed way to stop other parties from accessing your accounts. Ultimately, the most you can do is err on caution.

Staying off social media until further notice

Social media include domains beyond your awareness and control that may eventually damage your personal injury claim. Your legal representative may be your social media patrol, guiding you in proper posting or advising against online engagement throughout the case.


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