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Pedestrian safety around construction sites

Scaffolding and large and loud machinery are often enough to discourage passersby from going near construction sites. However, many sites are located in busy areas, leaving pedestrians no choice but to walk near them. No matter how careful someone is, a mismanaged site lacking safety measures could easily hurt pedestrians.

Construction mistakes can put pedestrians at risk

Construction zones are known to be dangerous locations even for workers. People who happen to pass by may incur injuries if no safety procedures are in place. Without hard hats and equipment, pedestrians are especially vulnerable.

As a result, construction companies must adhere to standards to lower the chances of preventable injuries and accidents. Below are just some of the issues that construction sites might overlook:

Inadequate signage

Multiple things compete for a pedestrian’s attention, from moving vehicles to stop lights to other people. If a site is unmarked or its warning signs are barely visible, pedestrians may wander inside accidentally.

Placing multiple, eye-catching, clear warning signs can make people more aware of the potential risks around the site. It can also help them decide what actions to take for their safety.

Insufficient barricades and barriers

Construction sites involve excessive noise, heavy equipment, large holes and gaps, loose wires, and falling objects that can be dangerous. Toxic materials are also often present. Construction site owners can prevent people from accessing high-risk areas by blocking them with solid and secure barricades and barriers.

Loose tools and material

Not providing workers with proper training and safety equipment could cause them to leave tools lying around or hanging in dangerous places. Even if they work just a few feet above the ground, these tools could drop and strike someone below.

Site owners can install safety measures like debris nets and screens to prevent falling or projectile objects from hurting anyone.

Poorly maintained equipment

Equipment failure can cause operators to lose control and lead to traumatic accidents. Regular maintenance can help spot any issues and ensure the equipment runs properly.

Neglecting to invest in safety precautions can put construction site owners or contractors in a predicament. Pedestrians who suffer an injury due to the owner’s negligence may hold them and other parties liable.


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