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How could a longer route be safer when driving?

If given a choice of routes to reach a particular destination, most people would choose the shortest one. They may make an exception when they are on vacation and want to take the scenic route.

There are often good reasons for taking a longer route. It can often be safer as well as faster.

Some delivery companies are forcing their drivers to avoid left turns

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to delivery driving, and when it’s a company as big as UPS, even a tiny change implemented among the massive workforce can soon add up to a lot of savings.

A few years ago, UPS reset its driver navigation systems to eliminate most left turns. They decided it was more efficient because it reduced the risk of their drivers being involved in a crash.

What’s more, they also found that while forcing drivers to make more right turns could sometimes lead to them driving more miles, the time it took to reach their destinations and the money spent on fuel decreased. This is because sitting at an intersection waiting for a gap in the traffic to be able to turn left often takes considerable time and fuel. Right turns, by contrast, are much quicker.

You do not have to be a delivery driver to benefit from using this approach. Plotting your routes to cut out most left turns can save you money and reduce the risk of being in a crash. Turning left requires you and the oncoming drivers to synchronize perfectly, and a slight misjudgment of one another’s speed could lead to a collision. If that happens, you’ll need to learn about your legal options.


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