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What parents must look for when choosing their teen’s vehicle

Motor vehicle accidents remain to be the leading cause of death among American teens. One of the ways parents can combat this concerning reality is by deliberately choosing a safe and reliable car for their young drivers.

While the risk factors commonly killing teen drivers are difficult to monitor, such as their consistency in wearing seat belts, distracted driving and consumption of alcohol, parents can still exercise increased control over the vehicle they will entrust their teens to operate.

What makes a good vehicle for teen drivers?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Consumer Reports (CR) developed a recommended teen vehicle list. They have the following considerations:

  • Steadiness: The car must not have excessive horsepower, such as in sports or race cars, that can entice teen drivers to increase their speed.
  • Size: Moderately sized vehicles are often the ideal choice because their size typically offers balanced crash avoidance and protection. If the car is too small, it may not withstand the impact of a severe multiple-vehicle collision. Massive automobiles are also not advisable because they tend to be difficult to maneuver.
  • Scores: The car must have good ratings from crashworthiness and emergency handling tests.

While the goal of the list is to help parents decide what type of vehicle to purchase, the IIHS and CR explain that the criteria can also serve as a guide for drivers from other age groups.

Why should parents be more deliberate in car shopping?

Buying a car may seem simple, yet it stands to be the first crucial step to keep teens safe on the road. Parents who fail to give any thought to the vehicle their inexperienced children will drive can have fatal outcomes. If negligent adult drivers are at fault in an ongoing case, parents can still protect their teen’s future by seeking an Oklahoma legal advocate.


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