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How could a half-eaten burger help your car crash claim?

Sometimes, determining who was at fault in a car crash is easy. For example, if the other driver was drunk or they hit you when they veered from their side of the road into yours, the fact that you were almost certainly not at fault is pretty obvious. Other times, discovering what caused a crash is more complex. If you cannot show that the other party caused a wreck that resulted in your harm, your chances of claiming compensation will drop because they may try to blame you for what happened.

A half-finished item of food is one of the many things that could give you a hint of what went wrong. It might mean that the other driver involved in your collision was eating when they crashed. Evidence of a spilled drink might indicate they were drinking at the time.

Eating and drinking are distracting

Distracted driving is commonplace, and it leads to a lot of crashes each year. Reports suggest it was responsible for the death of 3,142 people and injuries to another 424,000 in the U.S. during 2019 alone.

A driver who is eating or drinking almost certainly won’t have two hands on the wheel. They’re likely also looking away from the road and focusing on their food or beverage some of the time. There is also a good chance the food or drink they are consuming is taking their thoughts away from the road. As a result, learning that the other driver involved in a wreck was eating and/or drinking at the time of a crash could serve as evidence of distraction and, possibly, liability.

There is a lot at stake in the aftermath of a vehicle collision, and it’s crucial you examine all possible avenues that could help build a strong argument that the collision was the other party’s fault. Seeking experienced legal guidance is a good place to begin.


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