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What is the Oklahoma Work Zone Safe Course for Teen Drivers?

Mandatory education is an important component of obtaining a driver’s license. Teenagers who want to get behind the wheel in Oklahoma have to attend a driver’s training course that includes both book instruction and hands-on training in a vehicle. They need to practice driving with a licensed adult in the vehicle for at least 50 hours. Passing a test that looks at both theoretical knowledge and practical ability is also a key part of the process.

Despite the efforts to teach young adults how to drive, car crashes remain a leading cause of death for young drivers. Some of the crashes occur when drivers encounter certain obstacles or challenges on the road. The state has expanded educational requirements for teen drivers recently to help address one common source of crash risk.

As of November 1st, 2023, Oklahoma has become the first state in the country to require new drivers to take a course on work zone and first responder safety. What are the new requirements for teenage drivers in Oklahoma?

They must complete an online course

Researchers looking at incidents involving young drivers uncovered a concerning trend. They found that in recent years more than 100 teen drivers suffered injuries due to crashes near work zones in the last five years. At least 10 young adults died in similar crashes during that same time.

The rules for traffic safety are different when approaching construction zones on the road or when someone encounters first responders in traffic. Drivers need to understand how to properly respond to encountering these somewhat unusual but still common inconveniences in traffic.

Teen drivers can learn about both of these challenges when they fulfill the requirement to complete an Oklahoma Work Zone Safe and First Responder Safety course online.  The course helps instruct new drivers about how to safely operate a motor vehicle when approaching a work zone.

The requirement to complete a digital safety course will hopefully help augment young drivers’ understanding of how to stay safe on public roads. Learning more about current traffic laws may help keep teenage drivers safer as they learn how to behave in traffic.


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