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Injuries that may qualify for workers’ compensation

A workplace injury is a major problem for a Tulsa resident. Aside from the pain they may suffer from their ailment, they must also deal with potentially having to take time off work to seek medical treatment and to recuperate. Unlike injuries that happen on a worker’s personal time, workplace injuries may be compensable by a special type of insurance carried by many types of employers. That insurance is workers’ compensation insurance, and it provides hurt workers with financial support when their injuries happen because of their jobs.

There are a number of steps that an injured worker must take to qualify for workers’ compensation, and it is often helpful for a person in such a situation to seek legal help to ensure that they are compliant with the procedural practice. This post does not provide legal advice and any questions that readers have should be directed to Oklahoma-based workers’ compensation attorneys.

Because Tulsans work in a variety of different environments and perform diverse tasks while on the job, there are many different types of injuries that can affect them. For some, their work-related duties may cause them to come into contact with chemicals and harmful substances that can cause diseases like cancer. For others, work-related stress may become so harmful that they cannot function. Many workplace injuries happen from accidents, though pre-existing conditions that are aggravated by work duties may also qualify.

Workers’ compensation cases are diverse and heavily dependent on the facts that a person can present to prove that their harm resulted from their job. No one coping with a work-related injury has to face their legal questions alone. Legal support from workers’ compensation lawyers is available to those who are ready to pursue their claims.


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