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Serious accident in Oklahoma results in injuries and one fatality

Most Oklahoma residents are used to seeing so-called “fender benders” on the side of the road from time to time. However, serious motor vehicle accidents are also quite common, unfortunately. One such accident occurred in Oklahoma City recently, in what reports indicate was a particular hectic crash scene.

According to the reports, the collision in question occurred during the morning hours on July 7. The preliminary reports indicate that law enforcement officials believe the driver of one of the two vehicles involved in the crash – a car headed westbound – lost control of the vehicle, leading to the vehicle slamming into another vehicle headed eastbound on the same street in northwest Oklahoma City. The collision caused both vehicles to flip over.

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, the vehicle that had been westbound reportedly caught fire. Of the two people in that vehicle one died and one required hospitalization. The reports did not provide details as whether or not the driver or passenger was the fatality in the accident. The sole occupant of the eastbound vehicle was also hospitalized for medical treatment after the crash.

Although the details of how the driver of the westbound vehicle lost control of the vehicle were few and far between in the immediate aftermath of the crash, the reports indicate that law enforcement officials are investigating whether or not speed was a factor in the crash. If so, that could be a basis for a personal injury lawsuit by the injured victims to attempt to recover financial compensation.


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