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Recognize the signs of nursing home neglect

For some Tulsa families, nursing homes are safe and trusted facilities where loved ones can receive treatment and care for their medical and personal needs. Residents of nursing homes are given support for their particular ailments as well as assistance with basic living tasks, such as eating meals, getting baths, and moving from place to place. Nursing homes carry significant responsibility for their residents, and when they fail in their duties, those residents can suffer.

This post is not legal advice and individuals who suspect that they or their loved ones are the victims of nursing home neglect should seek legal support. Nursing home neglect is a serious problem and can result in personal injuries and wrongful deaths.

Signs of nursing home neglect

Generally, neglect entails failing to provide someone in need with basic life necessities. In the context of nursing homes, neglect may include:

  • Failure to provide any or adequate food
  • Failure to provide any or adequate medical care
  • Failure to provide shelter or clothing
  • Failure to provide supervision or adequate staffing

An individual who suffers neglect at the hands of a nursing home may show signs of emotional withdrawal, physical suffering or pain, and many other symptoms. When nursing home neglect is suspected, it can be reported and should be investigated.

What to do when nursing home neglect affects a family

It can be painful to see a loved one suffering in neglectful conditions and unable to receive the care and support that they need. When nursing home neglect is suspected, families can reach out to personal injury attorneys for support. Oklahoma has its own laws and definitions regarding this important area of personal injury law, and local Tulsa attorneys can guide individuals through the legal processes for protecting their loved ones.


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