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Defending Your Loved Ones From Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

If you have a loved one who is living in a nursing home, you have a reasonable expectation that their mental and physical well-being will be cared for by nurturing staff members. Too often, however, workers in a nursing home neglect these sacred duties and do not properly care for the elderly. When negligence occurs, those responsible must be held accountable.

At Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP, in Tulsa, our lawyers hold nursing homes responsible for their actions. If your loved one has experienced abuse or neglect, please contact us right away.

Examples Of Nursing Home Negligence

Abuse of elderly patients is inexcusable. Here are a few of the more common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect:

  • Care providers who do not seem attentive or competent
  • Patients with visible bedsores
  • Unsanitary conditions in common areas, bedrooms and dining facilities
  • Patients who appear malnourished
  • Excessive staff member turnover rates
  • Frequent injuries caused by slips or falls
  • Dehydrated patients

Medication errors are another significant problem. The nursing home industry, like many other industries, is motivated by profits. However, your family members deserve high-quality care.

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