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What is the most dangerous road in Oklahoma?

Every time you go out for a drive, you put yourself at risk of a motor vehicle collision. A single wreck could change the course of your life by causing financial issues or severe injuries. While you may be a very safe driver, other people may post to social media at the wheel or drive after drinking.

You never know who you might encounter on the Oklahoma roads or what the weather might do. Making good choices about how you drive can potentially minimize your risks. In addition to avoiding distraction and chemical impairment, you may also want to avoid the most dangerous roads.

When you learn where you are most likely to get into a crash, you can choose a different route and potentially protect yourself and the passengers in your vehicle. What road is the most dangerous for drivers in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is home to the second most dangerous road in the country

According to an analysis of collision data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Oklahoma is home to one of the most dangerous roads in the entire country. Oklahoma State Highway 9 (SR-9) stretches 348 miles from the Arkansas border to the Texas panhandle, making it the second-longest highway in the state.

It is the single most dangerous road for drivers in the state. Specifically, the section of SR-9 in Cleveland County has had the highest rate of fatal collisions in recent years. Data indicated there were 50 fatal collisions on the Cleveland County stretch of SR-9 between 2010 and 2019.

Why are highways so dangerous?

Many collisions occur on surface streets, but some of the most catastrophic collisions take place on highways. There are multiple factors that contribute to these terrible wrecks. Higher traffic density is one consideration, as are higher overall speeds. It is also worth noting that there will generally be much more commercial traffic on highways than on surface streets.

While it may not be realistic to avoid SR-9 every time you need to take a road trip, minimizing how frequently you drive on the most dangerous roads and paying closer attention when you do could save your life. Learning more about the unique risk factors for motor vehicle crashes in Oklahoma can protect you and the people you love.


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